Financial Freedom and Redemption.

Are you prepared for what comes next? Thinking not everything is right with your world? Relax, it’s much worse than you think!

Hello all, welcome to my educational package, it is now time to not only work out what is being done to you, but what is about to be done in the next 24 months.

First things first, I am not a financial adviser, and am not authorised to give legal advice, I can simply show you how I have unlocked the secrets that have enslaved humanity since 1933, and can help you do the same.

The Great Reset is upon us, for the last 47 years, upon signing up to Unidroit, our country has been slowly and systemically destroyed, deliberately, with the goal of transferring our wealth to the Global Elite.

See this video here, which was recorded in 1991, when this gentlemen was warning us about our country was going to be destroyed, with the purpose of transferring wealth from the middle class, the video is here.



Illegal Taxes, climate change, illegal council rates, any excuse necessary is all used to transfer wealth from all industries away from us, and this has been a raging success, and here we are in 2021, where the plan is about to reach its peak.

This coming disaster that is unfolding hasn’t even started yet, the next round is going to be much worse, the World Economic Forum continue to remind everyone, you will own nothing and be happy about it.

Bail in laws that were bought in last year, are designed to orchestrate a bank collapse and take your hard earned money out of your accounts, the banks excuse will be that they need the funds to survive.

As you will see further down this page, that is nonsense, because banks do not lend anyone any money, you create all of the money in circulation using your signature, banks don’t lend you a cent.

Cash will also be removed, by 2023/24 digital currency will be implemented and life as we know it will never be the same, every single transaction on Earth will be tracked and traced, there will be no escape.

There are however alternatives, private foundations, private trusts, and precious metals are strategies I use and now offer help to others to weather this incoming storm that is almost here.

Gold and Silver are going to be backing these digital currencies, Silver itself will rise at least 35 times in the  future, and you should think seriously about getting your hands on as much physical Silver and Gold that you can.

Watch this video, it is a good explanation of why things are about to change, and when, the link to the video is here.

Private foundations and trusts are very powerful, both tax exempt and non registered, with no numbers attaching them to the “system.” With private trusts, everything in the trust cannot be touched by any corporation, period.

One of the beauty’s about being a weather forecaster and knowledgable in the subject is you can quite easily see when something is amiss, and something has been amiss for quite sometime.

Our teleconnections and weather patterns no longer work, I am sure you have asked yourself often why ants build nests and rain never comes, why Emu’s have chicks and rain never comes, why Spring’s start running and rain never comes.

The use of electromagnetic frequency has hijacked the climate system, but it doesn’t stop there, the defrauding of farmers and civilisation began long ago, centuries ago in fact, but I can help change all of this so you benefit financially.

The next thing to know is, you are dead. A “dead entity’ or a corporation, that is what you are classified as. And I am a living breathing man, officially, and not just because I say so, because I completed the paper work that says so.

How do you know what you are, well the answer is easy, go and look at your surname on your Birth Certificate, your drivers license, and each and every bill that comes in the mail, and you will see it is in capital letters.

That makes you a corporation and legal fiction, as it is termed. What you do not know is you have two birth certificates, one is in your possession, and one is in the government’s possession, it’s called a Live Birth Registration statement, in lower case and not capitals.

When you were registered with the state, a trust was set up in your name, and the saying “worth your weight in gold” is the starting balance of your trust account, and placed into a bond and traded on the stock market, this belongs to you, and I bet you have no idea it exists!

Every time the country receives income from selling coal etc, it divides the proceeds up into equal distribution for all of us, and also with natural growth on the market that bonds deliver, your estate is worth a tidy $2 – 5 Billion when you are retirement age.

When you sadly die and leave this world, the government says thanks very much, and takes it. Further, the total amount of every trust in Australia is used on the current account balance sheet, as collateral.

That is all that is stopping the world economy right now from crumbling under the massive weight of debt. In any case, the government plunders your estate every time they borrow money, but who gives them the authority to do this?

Well, your father, he fills out the Live Birth registration at the hospital, and he is classed as the “Informant,” and what he does, without knowing so, is gives power of attorney over to the government of the children.

So what needs to happen, urgently I might add, is got you to apply to receive a copy of your Birth Registration Statement, because this the Estate that all corporations and governments are probating.

Once you have this document, you can secure the estate using a security agreement, and no corporation can touch any asset you have, as you were the only who created it with your signature.

You will go from being the debtor, as you are now, he who pays, to the Secured party Creditor, he who receives, and you will swap roles. In short, if you follow the steps I have done, your strawman account will start paying your bills, that is, your trust account.

But the deception doesn’t stop there, every time you pay a bill, no matter what it is, the corporation your are paying goes to your estate, and withdraws the same amount, so they pay themselves twice! Only because you are authorising it with your signature, unbeknown to you.

Did you know these funds remain in an escrow account for 36 months waiting for you to claim them, instead the corporations claim this money because you abandoned it?

So lets repeat that, whatever bill you pay, the corporation pays themselves a second time out of your trust account, unless you claim it within 36 months. Search IRS form 1099-A, I can help with this.

When you sign your mortgage, the bank goes into your trust account and withdraws the total amount in full on the spot, creates a financial instrument called a promissory note, and sells on the market, and makes ten times that amount. Thus, you are actually the lender.

Oh yes, and then also asks you to pay them a second time for the next 30 years! And then just for good measure, tries to wind you up for a third go if you miss a mortgage payment. Getting the picture now?

This is your chance to correct this injustice!

I can help you restore your standing and become the Secured Party Creditor, and the beneficiary of your estate. However, the process is extensive, complicated, and a lot of work is involved, and for this I charge a fee.

This fee is a once off joining fee, you will also have the benefits of AV Weather Forecasts if you wish as well, it is entirely up to yourself, and is cheaper if you don’t need forecasts, and does come with phone support, I talk to subscribers regularly and most things are best explained with a phone call.

Once the process to redemption is complete, which takes on average a month to 6 weeks, you will then have the option to discharge debts, and I will discuss this with each living man or woman in each separate circumstance, as this will require a smaller fee as there is quite a bit of work involved.

The joining fee is the freedom package on the packages page, it is a 1 off charge and then as mentioned earlier when it comes to discharging debts, it will done on a case by case basis, as it will be different depending on what instrument is needed, or the Become Private package which does not include any weather info.

Please email me at if you wish to gather more info about this, I can answer some of your questions to help you understand what is needed to right this wrong that is no fault of yours.

If you are already a subscriber, message me so I can give the options to change your life, please do not purchase the freedom package, we will deal with this on a case by case basis!

Below are some videos and links to help you understand who you really are, the steps to becoming a secured party creditor and private banker, and what that actually means.

There is also a magnificent book by Elizabeth Mary Croft, explaining how she has clobbered every corporation by simply following the same steps I have done, the link is here.

Read the book first, it is amazing, and then move onto the videos and also on to Bill Turners videos, you can follow his you tube channel as his information is invaluable.



Bill Turner talks about Living in the Private, here are the 3 recording from his talk In Melbourne in 2019. The living in the private website is here.

This website is a must read if you wish to do what I have done and remove yourself from slavery, and into the private sector, and then, to discharge your debts and pay minimal tax.






So that is a brief explanation on how we should be living in the private, but instead the governments have hijacked us to live in the Public, making us the Surety for the strawman and responsible for all of the debts incurred.

If you wish to find out more, any of these topics, you should contact me, my email is and we can start the process of returning you back to where you belong, into the Private.

My website link is here, if anyone wants to enquire further about retiring to your natural jurisdiction out of the totalitarian system, which is only going to get worse, website link is here.

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