Does your livelihood depend on knowing what the weather will bring?

If you’re a grower, builder or even event planner, the weather can be the difference between profit and loss. Storms, rain, hail, frost and drought all take their toll, especially if they take you by surprise. But you don’t have to base your business decisions on a hunch any more.

Long-range weather forecasts for your exact location

AV Weather equips you to make long-range decisions with confidence. Our 4-week and 9-month forecasts for your specific location means you can prepare for any conditions well ahead of time.

If there’s rain coming, you can schedule fertiliser applications, arrange plenty of indoor work for your tradies or order a marquee!

Plus, daily updates allow you to adapt to conditions on the go.

For no more than $75 per month, it’s the best business decision you’ll make today.

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  • Daily weather updates
  • Forecasts for your specific location
  • 4-week forecast, updated twice-a-week
  • 9-month seasonal outlook

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Anthony Violi

AV Weather is run by Anthony Violi, a former strawberry farmer from Melbourne who lives and breathes the weather.

A weather forecaster for 30 years, Anthony’s accuracy is renowned. His prediction six months prior to the 2010 flooding in SA and Victoria attracted a surge of interest in his weather expertise. Read more about Anthony.

Unlike other weather services, Anthony is available 24/7 to provide personalised weather advice. Call him directly or send a message via Facebook or mobile.

Email Anthony now.

We call AV ‘our weather man’. Anthony’s information has led to confident on-farm decisions, resulting in significant financial gains to our mixed farming business. Read more…

Justin & Julie McClure, Kallara Organic Lamb, Tilpa NSW

I always look to AV first when it comes to weather, it is the only honest assessment of the current climate we have, and very educational as well. 

Timothy James, Wimmera, Victoria

AV provides a valuable tool for farmers in that we can plan for what we need to do weeks and months in advance,  rather than the ever changing forecasts you get with other weather services.

Steve Jolly, Yorke Peninsula