Mullaley Weekly Forecast

Weekly Updated Forecast, issued February 3rd.

Weather Situation :

Generally fine and remaining warm to hot across the inland parts of the country, which now spreads throughout the country, aside from the far Eastern regions of NSW. We now see a quieter period of weather in most regions, and hot weather is now the focus of the next fortnight up North, whilst it is much colder in the South. A strong upper low is pushing across Southern regions and cold wet and windy weather will begin to clear on the weekend. It becomes warm again next week throughout, as a significant push go moisture comes into QLD from the East, and this moisture will push South and inland, and becomes the main feature of the following weeks weather patterns. Substantial rainfall will develop next week across QLD, with heavy falls likely, and this pushes South into inland regions early next week, and into NSW and Victoria by later next week. Fine elsewhere, and another cold front may bring another cold snap into Victoria, and bring back cold winter like temperatures. 

Week 1,     February 3rd – February 10th.

Remaining much colder across Southern NSW

Over the weekend, showers and windy weather clears East.

It becomes warm early next week inland.

Showers will develop later in the period from the North.

Rainfall :  10 – 20 mm

Forecast Confidence :  High


Week 2,      February 11th – February 18th.

Cool weather to start week 2, with showers in the South.

These will persist in Southern and Eastern NSW.

It will begin clear and become warm in Northern NSW.

After a brief warm up, it becomes much cooler again.

Rainfall :  8 – 15 mm.

Forecast Confidence :   Medium


Week 3,     February 19th – February 26th.

The monsoon trough is again developing across the North.

Heavy falls and cyclones will develop across Far North QLD.

The Western side of Australia will also see renewed monsoonal activity.

We may see heavy falls again developing into Eastern Australia.

Rainfall :  3 – 8 mm

Forecast Confidence : Medium


Week 4,     February 27th  – March 4th.

Thundery rain and heavy falls return to Eastern Australia.

It will be drier inland and across much of the Western side.

Humidity and monsoon weather increases, heavy falls down the East coast.

We may see flooding returning to Eastern NSW and QLD at this time.

Rainfall :  10 – 20 mm

Forecast Confidence :  Medium.


Notes : The climate system is now a weak neutral, and is having no impact on Australia weather. It will now be much drier going forward for the most part, with an El Nino to develop in Spring. Flooding is now easing, and the next drought has already begun for many inland areas. Up in QLD, it will remain wet all summer, with massive floods, and Eastern half NSW will also see storms continuing across summer, and further floods later in summer. Daytime temperatures will be above average, night time temps maybe elevated due to increasing cloud cover, and heatwaves and bushfires are going to return across the summer months, with scorching heat.