Mullaley Weekly Forecast

Weekly Updated Forecast, issued June 2nd.

Weather Situation :

Generally fine and remaining warm across the inland parts of the country, with much colder conditions now evident over Southern and Eastern states. We now see a much more aggressive winter pattern setting up across Southern Australia. Cold air is now moving up into our latitudes and strong upper troughs result in periods of very wet weather across all regions of Southern Australia, including Western Australia. Next week, a series of very strong upper troughs will pound WA, and bring heavy falls into the SWLD, and then move East . This very active pattern increases in week 2, and may remain until week 3 and 4, with very strong cold air aggressively moving up towards Australia, despite a neutral AAO.

Week 1,     June 2nd – June 9th.

Fine weather across NSW, and mild to warm.

An upper trough develops inland on Monday.

Thundery showers spread across the Northern half of NSW.

This will increase statewide on Wednesday, as another trough moves through.

Rainfall :   10 – 15 mm.

Forecast Confidence :  High


Week 2,      June 10th – June 17th.

Showers are widespread across Southern NSW.

Very cold, with early season snow dumping across the highlands.

Another front reinforces showers in Southern NSW.

This will ease later in week 2, but more fronts will develop.

Rainfall :  10 – 20 mm.

Forecast Confidence :   Medium


Week 3,     June 18th – June 25th.

Fine weather now continues and strengthens inland.

In the South, it has become very cold, with fronts relentless.

Elsewhere it remains drier, and little weather activity.

We may see thundery showers develop in FNQ, or over the Top End.

Rainfall :  3 – 6 mm

Forecast Confidence : Medium


Week 4,     June 26th  – July 2nd.

Conditions are dry inland and sunny as the dry season continues.

It will be drier inland and across much of the country.

In the South, an easing of strong fronts.

Frosts are likely to be widespread due to very cold conditions.

Rainfall :  1 – 4 mm

Forecast Confidence :  Medium.


Notes : The climate system is now in a developing El Niño, and positive IOD, and is beginning to strengthen in both oceans. However, the atmosphere has not connected, and as such this years events are unlikely to be strong, and may even fail to develop. It will now be much drier going forward for the most part, with all inland areas drier away from the coast. Closer to the coast, an active frontal pattern will see average rainfall in the coming months. Areas in far North QLD will continue to see rainfall over winter and increasing in Spring. Daytime temperatures will be average, night time temps maybe colder than normal, as clear skies and fine weather develops. Come Spring time, I believe things will be warmer, and far more humid and active than most El Niño years.