Mullaley Weekly Forecast

Weekly Updated Forecast, issued December 2nd.

Weather Situation :

Generally fine and warm to hot daytime weather across much of the inland parts of the country, and some humidity remains as well. This next period of weather is still very wet in Eastern Australia. Warm humid air produces widespread thundery rain, starting in Eastern SA, extending down into Victoria, and then again becoming widespread across much of NSW and Eastern QLD. This will clear on the weekend and it becomes mostly fine, with cooler and drier air moving over Australia. A strong upper trough then develops in the Bight at the end of week 1, and moves East into Southern Sa and Victoria, and brings rain into this region, and then moves across Victoria and Southern NSW.

Week 1,     December 2nd – December 9th.

Hot and very humid weather in New South Wales.

Fine to begin with, with any rain coastal.

Becoming unstable quickly again with another trough to develop.

Thundery rain again develops over NSW early next week, and becomes widespread

Rainfall :   15 – 30 mm

Forecast Confidence :   High


Week 2,      December 10th – December 17th.

Remaining hotter and drier across Western Australia

A trough will develop inland later in week 2.

Widespread thundery showers develop in the South.

This activity spreads slowly South.

Rainfall :  10 – 20 mm

Forecast Confidence :   Medium


Week 3,     December 18th – December 25th.

Widespread heavy falls will become established over QLD and NSW.

Tropical moisture comes South and it becomes very active.

More humid air returns and big rain event across Eastern Australia will develop.

Storms are likely to become widespread with unstable weather dominating.

Rainfall :  10 – 20 mm

Forecast Confidence : Medium


Week 4,     December 26th – January 2nd.

Cyclones and floods up int he tropics will start to develop.

It will remain dry and hot across the South for much of the summer.

Any rain events or thunderstorms that do develop in the South will be very heavy.

It will still remain on the wet side for all Eastern Australia, especially the tropics.

Rainfall :  25 – 50 mm

Forecast Confidence :  Medium.


Notes : The climate system is now in a weak La Ninawarmer weather is now well established, and we see a brief period of much cooler weather across much of the country. The weather pattern remain very active until the New Year, at which point it will become much warmer and much drier over summer. That will lead us into a dry autumn, although storms and tropical systems will maintain heavy weather in Northern Australia. Longer term, autumn is likely to be drier and warmer, with another late season break likely in May. It then becomes much colder throughout winter and the winter months will become brutally cold, with a wet winter for Southern Australia and dry inland.